Hospitality Sunday - 2018

PennoBaps invites you to join us on Hospitality Sunday!

This year, Hospitality Sunday will occur on Sunday 29th July. It will occur after the Sunday Morning service, generally from 12:30pm onwards.

We will be inviting all our church community to come and share a meal together in a time of fellowship!
We will be sending different groups of people, to "host's" homes where you will get to meet new people, spend some quality time getting to know each other, and of course, sharing a meal!

You can sign up to be a "host" where we will ask a group of people to come to your home to share a meal! You won't need to cook food for everyone, we will ask each guest to bring a dish! 


You can sign up to be a "guest" where we allocate you to a "Host's" home and all we ask is that you bring a dish to share, and you!

Please register for Hospitality Sunday using the form below, if you're willing to attend. You can also register for your family members who will be attending with this form. 

Tip: Tip: Please pair me with xx as we only have one car between us.